It’s Time to GO Party

Tonight is the night that many of you have been waiting for, and we’re here to bring you the official training on GO Party!

GO Party is one of the most exciting systems to ever hit our industry. Krista Andersen, one of our IBO leaders, is hosting tonight’s GO Party training kickoff with Babs Rossberg, one of the GOFoods cofounders. Krista has already been hosting GO Parties all around Utah, and after this initial kickoff, she and her team will host monthly GO Parties in different cities across the United States and Canada. She shared her thoughts about GO Party as part of this month’s corporate update call:

“One thing we love about GoFoods is that is lets you pick the way you want to do a company. And because our product is so universal, there is so much that you can do. So, what is really enticing to people is that people like to come gather for food—it seems like when food is around, people show up; it’s different because people will hesitate if they feel like they are coming to something that’s more of a formal business meeting. People show up and they even bring people with them.”

“Go Party is a very non-threatening, non-invasive, fun, social easy environment for people; they come to taste the food, socialize with their friends, meet new people, learn about the product, and then they can place orders if they want, and even sign up to host the party themselves. You don’t have to be a part of GoFoods to host a party; any hosts can get all these great incentives like earning free food and half price food, and people are signing up to do parties just for that.”

“So the response has been tremendous. It is a lot of fun and it is very simple, and the materials that are in the GO Party kit (and will also be available online) are so comprehensive that somebody who has never hosted a party before—somebody who doesn’t have anybody in their local area who can help them host the party—all they have to do is follow the instructions in the party kit. And we have yet to have a single party where people don’t come and taste the food.”

Scott Andersen, Krista’s husband, has also been a part of GO Parties. “One of the most interesting dynamics that we’ve seen is how people start to sell each other on the food. You get these people in a room, and food by nature is communal, so people have enjoyed eating together since the beginning of time. People enjoy sitting down and eating something together even if it’s just sampling some food for the first time; it gets conversations started, and one oftentimes at these parties we have been able to just kind of sit back a little bit or drop in to the background and watch the guests begin to mingle amongst themselves and say ‘oh my gosh have you tasted this’ or ‘have you tried that’ and ‘oh I bet my husband would like that’ or ‘my children would probably eat this’, and sometimes the kids are even there and the kids are eating and they are the ones selling the parents on it. It totally removes the traditional approach of having to convince to sell or bring people to a point that they have to make a decision. Now they come to that point on their own, which for me from a marketing standpoint having been in sales for the last twenty years, is just phenomenal. It makes it fun, it makes it simple, and it makes it something that is very duplicatable.”

We’ll see you at tonight’s GO Party! If you’re in the Salt Lake area, join us at 7 pm MT at Springhill Suites (details are in the Corporate Events section). Otherwise we’ll see you on the live webinar, which you can view in your Live Webinars tab on this website.

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